The widely recommended data analytics software in 2021

22.09.2020 Saudi Poster

1. Domo

Domo is one of the leading data analytics tools currently, which is designed to offer users a more digital area for their data, human resources as well as systems. To be more specific, with Domo, the data of your company will be sent to work for all staff within the company in real time. What is more, those outside your company can also have access to your data in order to gain the productivity in working.

With a holistic view inside your system, you can take advantage of 7 platform parts to carry out more informed actions. These components work together to help you. Users are also informed with predictive warnings so that they can pay attention to important problems and find a solution in advance.

There are a lot of reasons why you should opt for Domo. With Domo, users can connect data together with more than 500 data connectors from cloud or on premise systems and so on. Secondly, Domo comes with over 300 communicative charts and dashboards for both computers and mobile devices. The last one is that you can control different responsibilities on your mobile devices conveniently.

2. Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense works under the form of associative engine in order to extract useful insights which are often ignored by other data analytics software. This can achieved through indexing every relationship between data then linking them from different sources of data into a concentrated area. This data analytics tool which is relied on cloud environment will offer customers the high level of flexibility so that they can receive the best solution for different issues. Your analysts, your teams as well as the whole company can now be benefitted from this valuable advantage. Sharing insights is no longer so difficult no matter how big your company is. Why you should opt for Qlik Sense is its intelligent visualization, communicative analysis and the high level of flexibility. With Qlik Sense, users can seek for insights easily by communicating in the interface of the platform in which they can pan, zoom or choose anything in order to exploit the data quickly. What is more, users are able to discover data as well as send any question to the platform without any restriction. Even a single click is also updated immediately so that you do not need to worry about the old data. Last but not least, Qlik Sense is flexible regardless of any device.

3. Good Data

Another option for you to consider is Good Data, which is safe cloud data analytics system designed to focus on the whole data pipeline. It means that it will cater from the moment you input data to the minutes you get the insights created. This solution is a suitable choice for both companies and software organizations or business relationships. Currently, Good Data is being utilized in most industries including insurance, finance or retail and so on.

This intelligent tool will integrate the valuable insights into your work directly so that the decision making seems to be easier and quicker. Any advancement to the system is automatically updated to make the prediction process more convenient.

In conclusion, there are three major reasons that encourage you to choose Good Data. First of all, this tool provides you with various solutions that meet your specific business when it comes to such fields as financial services or insurance and so on. Secondly, the process of deployment is carried out very fast so that you do not need to worry about the implementation as it takes only 8 to 10 weeks. Finally, analytics will be embedded to your app so you can make use of it for other cases such as reporting or making more advanced analytics.

4. Birst

Birst is the solution taking advantage of data analytics inside a network in order to link the valuable insights of customers and then help make more intelligent business decisions. The solutions provided by Birst contain speed, agility as well as usability to meet the demands from IT professionals such as governing data and scalability. The cloud architecture comes with a lot of tenants so that expanding data analytics in your company will no longer be difficult.

What is more, users can extract data from different databases on both cloud and on premises.

To sum up, Birst is so effective in terms of three aspects: user data tier, adaptive user experience and cloud architecture. It will offer you the chance to enable data for governing data by your teams. In addition, users are also provided with a lot of options to interact with data to suit their needs. No matter what devices they are using, they can enjoy the same stable interface with the tools they choose. Last but not least, the cloud architecture with many tenants can help users connect and communicated with everyone in only one single view of data.

5. IBM Analytics

This effective data analytics tool is designed to focus on the insights supporting decision making process for companies, especially businesses. With IBM Analytics, users will find collecting, arranging and making analysis for their data simpler with a high optimization in procurement, management and scaling. Users are even capable of gathering data from all sources with a really safe foundation so that you can organize your data securely and smartly. Analyzing data is no longer so harder and complicated with a number of different procedures.

In conclusion, you should consider the reasons why you make IBM Analytics as your choice. First of all, it is the machine learning of the tool. Deploying your data science projects can be done via maximizing the intelligence into the app of your company. Secondly, the prescriptive analytics may be what you are looking for. You can optimize your business trade-offs in order to make decision of what the best course for your company is in accordance with design, schedule and other factors. Everything should be thought well before deciding.


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